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Quantel AI announces the launch of its Robo Advisor Product TenjinAi

NEW YORK, Nov 15, 2020: Quantel AI is excited to announce the launch of its Robo Advisor “TenjinAi”. Tenjin is very different from other robo advisors in that Tenjin’s heart is in risk management and in achieving a high return commensurate to the risk appetite of an investor while allowing an investor to customize and create multiple portfolios that are suitable for their risk appetite and investment goals. Investors can invest through Tenjin in these custom portfolios for as little as $100.

Tenjin also allows an investor to link their portfolios held in external brokerage firms and 401k/IRA plans and provides a holistic long term view on their investment choices. Tenjin also acts as a 24×7 watch guard on all of their investments regardless of where it is held. Tenjin gives timely alerts to its users on actions to be taken using their discretion to mitigate any market risks to their portfolios.

Tenjin uses advanced Quant Finance techniques for risk management and AI models using various alternative data sources for highly accurate predictions. Tenjin’s AI based investment research aims to democratize advanced technology and analytics and smart portfolio creation techniques that have typically been the exclusive preserve of major banks and hedge funds.

Tenjin launched its platform for enterprises and financial advisors in Nov 2020, and is planning to launch its mobile only app on iPhone and Android devices for its US clients starting in early Jan 2021. Tenjin will expand its coverage to European and Indian markets in 2021. Please visit for further details.

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